Finding yoga for me as a teenager was a dream - I could breathe and move my body and just completely be me. That was over 23 years ago and since then yoga has seen me through life; the ups, the downs and the continuing process of getting to know myself.

The mental, spiritual and physical benefits of this practice have never ceased to amaze me. I began leading classes in January 2006 looking to share with others all the many benefits that I enjoy, the opportunity to explore and find balance.

In my classes I hope with some movement and breath that people can feel connected, uplifted, present and grounded. A sense of ease, set to music, with a smile.


I left the Oilfield back in 2012 for stress related issues. I found yoga in 2014 and the rest is History. I can actually say Yoga Saved my Life.  Since then I have trained to get first a 100 hour certificate then another 200 hour RYT Certificate registered with Yoga Alliance. My mat is the one place where I am able to escape the anxiety that once riddled my life and left me incapable of having a healthy life. I have found passion in helping others escape the conscious loop of constant thought through the use breath and movement. Being in a space of service to my community is one of my life passions.


My name is Dee Shea and I am a born & raised Laker girl! I have been a student of yoga for 20 yrs.
Why do I teach yoga?
I am passionate about the practice, about the connection, about the compassion, and about the awareness that yoga can and does bring me and others ever day.
I began my yoga journey due to a difficult pregnancy, in which I was unable to exercise. My Dr. recommended pre-natal yoga and the rest is history. I love to share the practice with others so they can grow both emotionally and physically, and learn to love themselves and their bodies just as they are....only a healthier, happier version. Come see what it’s all about. Yoga is for every body. Come share your story with us!


Yoga has brought so many amazing people and learning's into my life! The most important part of Yoga for me is the community it creates. I will often find myself heading to class just for the little visit before and after,  the benefits to my body are just a bonus. Nothing gets me more excited than learning new things. I fell in love with yoga through power flow and have since expanded my horizons to Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga, Yin Yoga and now Aerial.  I never want the learning to end and can't wait for my next adventure.


After walking through the doors of a yoga studio in 2012, I knew that this practice could be life changing. I had a casual at-home practice before stepping onto my mat in the studio, but being in that community setting changed everything for me. 

I took the leap to my yoga teacher training in February of 2018, with Full Circle Yoga School on the island of Maui. This training experience was transformative and expansive for not only my practice, but for self development as well. In October of 2018, I obtained my 40 hr Yin Yoga certification with Nicole Schulz Yoga. 

Currently, I teach Hatha and Yin yoga (or a combination of both) and focus on the connection of breath and movement. I look forward to seeing you in the studio soon!


I have been practicing yoga for over 10 years now. I love the community and connection it has brought to me. I took my 200 hour RYT power flow certification in 2016, yin training 2017 and am currently taking some other trainings to be announced soon!! I look forward to this new change and am excited to be part of it with an amazing team of support.

Can’t wait to see you in the studio.

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